Review papers

Terms of reference

The Treasurer, the Hon Dr Jim Chalmers released the Terms of Reference for the Review in July 2022.

Issues paper

The Review Panel provided an Issues Paper in September 2022 to assist those preparing submissions.

Final report

The final report ‘An RBA fit for the Future’ was presented to the Treasurer on 31 March 2023 prior to its public release.


First and second requests for information

On 8 December 2022, the Review published the RBA’s answers to questions from the Review. This document is also available on the Reserve Bank of Australia website.

Third request for information

The RBA’s responses to the Review’s third request for information.

Fourth request for information

The RBA’s responses to the Review’s fourth request for information.

Research paper - Prasanna Gai

"The governance of monetary policy - process, structure and international experience"

Research paper - Anil K. Kashyap

"Monetary policy and financial stability: governance design considerations"

Research paper - Eric M. Leeper

"Monetary-fiscal policy interactions for central bankers"

Research paper - Andrew Levin

"Principles & practical recommendations for strengthening the governance and accountability of the Reserve Bank of Australia"

Research paper - Athanasios Orphanides

"Monetary policy tools with near zero policy rates: A review of the Australian experience"

Survey – RBA former staff – 2022

Responses to the Review’s survey of former RBA staff members.

Survey – RBA staff – 2022

Responses to the Review’s survey of current RBA staff members.

Survey of professional economists

The Review surveyed Australian professional economists to assist with research into perceptions of the RBA’s communications strategy.

EY focus group report

Report from community focus groups commissioned by the Review to provide insight on the public’s views of the RBA.